Cardiff Masters Swimming Club is a friendly swimming club for adults.

Its membership covers a wide range of abilities from the casual swimmer to the more competitive swimmer of all ages. Most of our members joined because they either swum in past, or were swimming at local public sessions. A “Masters Swimmer” is just a swimmer in the age range 25 to 80+, but the club also caters for younger adults above the age of 18 (and we even consider 16-17 year olds under certain conditions).

Why not join us?

If you are interested in swimming to improve your general fitness, stamina or technique, or just want to swim in a more motivated session or social group, then this club is probably what you’re looking for.

We swim on the following days (all sessions are currently restricted):

Monday Cardiff International Pool (CIP) 8.00-9.00pm (Short course – 8 lanes)
Tuesday Western Leisure Centre (Ely) 8.00-9.00pm (Short course – 6 lanes)
Wednesday Cardiff International Pool (CIP) 8.00-9.00pm (Short course – 8 lanes)
Thursday Maindy Pool 7.30-8.30pm (Short course – 6 lanes)
Friday Cardiff International Pool (CIP) 8.00-9.00pm (Short course – 5 lanes)

The lanes are organised by ability and the club Coach provides a tailored training program for each lane. So even if you haven’t swum for years, there will be a level to suit you.

If you want to come and see what it’s like, or even join in, then please contact us via email on  We will then contact you to arrange a suitable and convenient taster session for you – ideally this would be either a Monday or a Wednesday evening as there will be a Committee Member to discuss the club/membership with you.

Your first session is completely free so you have nothing to lose.