Masters swimming

About Cardiff Masters

It’s basically a collection of adult swimmers with a very broad range of abilities, who want to train for fitness. Some are interested in competitions, which range from sprint meets to distance events, while others are not interested in competition at all. Some swim as often as possible, some once a week and some less often. So you can choose what level of involvement you want to get to. Have you swum in the past?

The sessions are divided into lanes according to ability so there will definitely be a level to suit you and room to improve (or relax). We all follow the same general cycle of training set by our coach – differing only in distance and times.

On an average night the top lane will swim some 3000m and the bottom lane about 2000m in an hour. If the distances sound intimidating, don’t let it put you off. The idea is to train up to a level you feel comfortable with and to begin with you don’t have to swim every bit of the session.

If you would normally consider going to a public session and swimming for about an hour (at any level and however infrequently), then this club is probably well suited to you. It will bring that swim into a more structured session with added encouragement. Most of the club members are people who used to swim in the past at varying abilities and ages. The coach will be available to help you improve your technique and of course, give you hints, tips and encouragement. You need only ask if you want specific advice.

We have five sessions a week (all currently restricted):

Monday Cardiff International Pool (CIP) 8.00-9.00pm (Short course – 8 lanes)
Tuesday Western Leisure Centre (Ely) 8.30-9.30pm (Short course – 6 lanes)
Wednesday Cardiff International Pool (CIP) 8.00-9.00pm (Short course – 8 lanes)
Thursday Maindy Pool 7.30-8.30pm (Short course – 6 lanes)
Friday Cardiff International Pool (CIP) 8.00-9.00pm (Short course – 5 lanes)

The five sessions have different characteristics:

  • Monday is the main club night and best attended (8 lanes – 1 coach)
  • Tuesday limited space and numbers (6 lanes – 1 coach)
  • Wednesday is usually quieter but still a full session (8 lanes – 1 coach)
  • Thursday limited space and numbers (6 lanes – 1 coach)
  • Friday (5 lanes in total – 1 coach)

Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening sessions are open to all members.

Tuesday and Thursday evening sessions are limited numbers although there is currently scope for a few more swimmers on a Tuesday


Membership is now divided into two parts.

  • Swim Wales Affiliation – an annual fee of £34.00.
  • Club Affiliation – an annual fee of £10.00.
  • Swim Fees:
    Whilst not a member of the club, fees equate to roughly £5 a session. But we would ask that payment is made with a few sessions in mind. When becoming a member, we would ask you to choose between Silver or Gold membership.
  • Silver relates to swimming up to twice a week (choose from Mon, Wed or Fri) and costs £35.00 a month payable by Direct Debit.
  • Gold relates to swimming three or more times a week and costs £45.00 a month payable by Direct Debit.

Swim Wales membership gives you insurance, the right to take part in masters competitions and of course the support they provide. They also subsidise the Welsh Long and Short Course Masters competitions, so you can get your money’s worth.

The annual membership covers our coaching fees while the session fee covers the pool costs.

The only precondition to membership is that you have to be at least 18 years old and be able to swim (although under certain circumstances we will consider those aged 16 or 17. The best thing to do now is to come down and have a swim with us. This will give you the opportunity to check us out, see if it’s what you’re after and to meet the rest of the club.

The first session is completely free so you have nothing to lose! You can then swim a couple more sessions before you need to join the club to continue swimming. This should give you the opportunity to really check things out for yourself.

You can start whenever you like, but it’s best not lose that initial momentum, why not come down and have a go soon? You can just turn up at any of the Mon, Wed or Fri sessions, say hello to any member and they will point you in the right direction. They will also introduce you to the coach or a committee member who will let you know about the club.

At all the sessions, just mention at reception that you are going to swim with Cardiff Masters and they will let you through the barriers.

Just walk straight through to the changing rooms (you don’t pay at the front desk).