Club History

Plymouth 2013

Plymouth 2013

Cardiff Masters Swimming Club came to life in its own right in 1985. The Masters option for swimming had existed for several years in Cardiff prior to this, but it was as an option within the City of Cardiff Swimming Club. For financial reasons in 1985, a decision was made that the Masters section should become a club in its own right. Thus Cardiff Masters was born.

Like most clubs, it has seen a chequered past with volunteer helpers coming and going over the years, and some being cajoled into helping out. All clubs would struggle without these volunteer helpers, so today’s members and committee owe a debt of thanks to their predecessors.

The club has progressed quietly over the years with people joining for varying reasons, which have always been accommodated. Membership numbers tend to move upwards and the interest in competing in galas (although totally optional) is also increasing. This leads to a very sociable atmosphere within the club.

Hopefully, the club will continue to grow in strength and numbers whilst always adopting the Master’s philosophy of ‘giving everyone a chance’.