Complaints and Disciplinary Procedures

1 Introduction

1.1 All issues of complaints or discipline shall be dealt with under the constitution of the Club and within Swim Wales guidelines wherever they are applicable. All complaints, disciplinary issues or appeals shall be dealt with by the committee in an appropriate and fair manner.

2 Complaints

2.1 Where a Club member has cause to make a complaint about any person, facility or issue they should communicate this in the first instance to a committee member.

2.2 The Committee member should accept the complaint, discuss with the member making the complaint and resolve the issue at that time if possible.

2.3 If the issue cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant at the time of making the complaint, or they are unsatisfied with the response of the Committee member, then the complaint should be put in writing by the member, or committee member if agreed, and notified to the Club Chairman, as head of the Committee.

2.4 All complaints, received in any form, should be noted by the committee member concerned and communicated to the committee as soon as is reasonable, even if the issue is resolved on the spot. In this way the Club will avoid the possibility of a number of complaints amassing concurrently which together may constitute a bigger problem than any individual instance may give cause to suggest.

2.5 If the issue has not been resolved prior to reaching the committee as a whole, or is notified in writing, then the Committee will address the issue as appropriate, within one week of receipt, and notify the complainant of the action taken.

2.6 Where a complaint is against an individual the constitutional directions regarding discipline and appeals will be followed. These are repeated below for guidance.

2.7 If the complainant is unsatisfied with the committee’s dealing with the issue then they have recourse to take the matter up with the governing body (Swim Wales) directly in search for a resolution to the problem.

3 Discipline

3.1 The Executive Committee shall have the power to take appropriate disciplinary action against any member. This includes the authority to: give written warning, suspend or expel from the Club any member guilty of conduct deemed to be to the detriment of the Club or contrary to the safety or wellbeing of its members or guests.

3.2 Conduct deemed to be to the detriment of the Club includes, but is not limited to:

3.2.1 Refusal to repay monies owed to the Club, including repeated and excessive non-payment of session fees; specifically having more than four sessions’ fees outstanding at any time.

3.2.2 Any behaviour by a member that may be classed as indecent, violent or harassment whilst acting in a ‘member’ capacity.

3.2.3 Any behaviour which is illegal, whilst acting in a ‘member’ capacity.

3.2.4 Deliberately endangering the safety or wellbeing of members or guests.

3.2.5 Any other such conduct so deemed by the Executive Committee.

3.3 All disputes should be treated in a fair manner with both sides involved being given the opportunity, respectively, to present and respond to the case. In any case where the Executive Committee decides that this necessitates a formal hearing of the case, events should proceed according to the appropriate Swim Wales procedural guidelines in effect at the time.

4 Appeals

4.1 There shall be the right of appeal against any disciplinary decision made by an Officer of the Club under section 14 of the constitution. The appeal shall be made in writing, to the Secretary within seven days of the decision being made known.

4.2 The appeal shall be considered by an independent Appeal Committee set up by the Executive Committee. This shall take place within 14 days of its being received by the Secretary and the appeal shall be considered according to the Swim Wales procedural guidelines in effect at the time.

4.3 Any member whose appeal is not upheld may appeal to the Swim Wales in accordance with the Swim Wales appeals procedure by giving notice to the Swim Wales within 14 days of receiving in writing the decision of the appeals committee. In such a case the Secretary will be required to supply, within 14 days of being notified, all relevant papers and evidence.